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Company is a competitive group that competes and performs throughout the dance year. Company is for the serious dancer who truly loves to dance. Participating provides an opportunity for the dancer to grow in their dancing ability as well as gain self-confidence.


Competitive dance is for dancers who strive to be the best, love to compete, and who always want to better themselves as dancers. Members of company are required to take a maximum number of hours each week and will compete in multiple dances at competition. Dancers must have at least one year of previous dance experience and must audition for company. Levels of competitive dance include Tots, Intermediates, Juniors, and Seniors. 


Not only do company dancers compete, but every other year we take our two advanced groups to a dance destination (New York, Disney, etc.) where they get to take classes from the best in the business!


If you have any questions regarding company, please give our studio a call! 

Company Dancer of the Year:

2013-14 - Madison Calvez

2014-15 - Emmie Bertoni & Terran Guillory

2015-16 - Emily Cotton & Sadie Herman

2016-17 - Amber Ragsdale & Kayla Weishan

2017-18 - Araya Espinoza & Karleigh Mozisek

2018-19 - Chayanoot Munsch & Katelyn Mitchell

2019-20 - Grace Schroeder & Emma Hilliard

2020-21 - Scarlett Fridell & Madison Kurth

2021-22 - Hadley Schrank & Camille Turner

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